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"Tom Dubois is more than just a brilliant illustrator
and painter.  Although Dubois is best known for
his Christian art, including his famous and stirring
depictions of Noah's Ark, he is a man of many
talents, besides.  Tom Dubois is a poet, a story
teller, and a musician.  At art galleries throughout
the country, collectors of Dubois' work are first
startled, then delighted, to hear the painter playing
the guitar and singing.
In other words, Dubois is a seriously talented

by Stacy Chbosky
"Christians interesting in collecting
Christian paintings and Biblical art
would be wise to invest in limited
edition prints of Dubois' work.  Due
to his fame and rare talent, his prints
sell out quickly.  This high demand
makes them likely candidates to
appreciate in value rather quickly.  
These paintings are both valuable,
and inspiring."

Stacy Chbosky
Welcome to Tom duBois' online gallery.

Please, make yourself at home and enjoy.
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